From Microblading to Lip Blushing: The Must-Know Facts About Permanent Makeup

Jan 1, 2024

In the dynamic world of beauty and cosmetics, permanent makeup has emerged as a revolutionary technique, offering long-lasting beauty solutions. Among its varied applications, microblading and lip blushing stand out as popular choices for those seeking to enhance their natural features with minimal effort. This blog by Bella Rose Salon delves into the intricacies of these procedures, their benefits, potential risks, and the vital aspects of aftercare and maintenance.


Understanding Microblading

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing specifically designed to transform sparse or uneven eyebrows. It involves using a hand-held tool with tiny needles to deposit pigment into the upper layers of the skin, mimicking the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs.

The Procedure

A typical microblading session begins with the technician mapping out the desired eyebrow shape based on the client’s facial structure. The area is then numbed with a topical anesthetic. Using the microblading tool, fine strokes are etched into the skin, depositing the pigment. The result is fuller, natural-looking eyebrows.

Suitability and Risks

Microblading is suitable for most skin types, but it’s particularly beneficial for those with thinning eyebrows. While it’s a generally safe procedure, risks include infection, allergic reactions, and unsatisfactory results. Thus, choosing a qualified technician is crucial.


The Beauty of Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup technique that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips, giving them a fuller and more symmetrical appearance.

The Process

During a lip-blushing session, a skilled technician applies a custom-mixed pigment to the lips using a fine needle. This process not only alters the color but can also define the lips’ borders, offering a more pronounced and youthful look.

Who Can Benefit?

This procedure is ideal for anyone looking to enhance the natural beauty of their lips. It’s particularly beneficial for those with pale or unevenly colored lips. As with microblading, risks such as allergic reactions or infections are present, making the choice of technician crucial.


Choosing the Right Technician

Finding a skilled and certified technician is key to ensuring the safety and success of your permanent makeup procedure.

Certification and Experience

Look for technicians with proper certification in permanent makeup application. Their experience, particularly in microblading and lip blushing, is vital. Don’t hesitate to ask for their portfolio to see before and after pictures.

Client Reviews

Client testimonials offer insight into the technician’s skill and customer service quality. Positive reviews are a good indicator of a reliable and proficient technician.


Aftercare and Maintenance

Proper aftercare is essential to the longevity and appearance of your permanent makeup.

Immediate Aftercare

Following a procedure, it’s common to experience mild swelling and redness. Adhering to the aftercare instructions provided by your technician, like keeping the area clean and avoiding makeup, is crucial.

Long-Term Care

Although termed ‘permanent,’ these makeup applications do fade over time. Touch-ups are typically needed every 1-2 years. Protecting the area from excessive sun exposure can prolong the pigment’s vibrancy.



Permanent makeup, with techniques like microblading and lip blushing, offers a way to enhance your natural beauty with lasting results. While these procedures can provide significant aesthetic benefits, choosing the right technician and following proper aftercare guidelines are crucial for a safe and satisfying experience.

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